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Selected projects

Media Progress consultants have been involved in numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work in building sustainable peace and your efforts to empower civil society.

Madagascar "Appui à la Réforme du Secteur de Sécurité" Client: UNICEF, ONE-UN UNESCO, UNDP, UN Peace Fund, 2017
Based on three missions to regions with crime, violence and conflicts  a national communication strategy for peace is developed in collaboration with the government, security forces, civil society and media to prevent violence, crime and conflicts and improve the protection of vulnerable population groups. The strategy addresses structural, political and behavior reasons as in C4D. The communication strategy and the security sector reform aim to improve the capacity and commitment of security forces to protect the vulnerable population, including women, children and youth more effectively and according to high ethical standards, especially in conflict-ridden regions.

Nigeria "Stability and Reconciliation Programme" Client: FCO, British Council, 2012 - 2015
Design and hosting radio talkshow for peacebuilding workshop for 22 radio producers from different state, commercial and other radio stations across Nigeria as part of the five-year Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme. Contributor and writer of modules of post-grad, University affiliated online diploma programme in conflict sensitive communication for Ahmado Bello University.

Syria "Preparing for a Peaceful Post-Conflict Country" - Client: Transnational Crisis Project, 2015
Training of journalists and social media networkers in the use of media methodologies to construct a peaceful, inclusive country, post-conflict. 

Macedonia: "Identification of dynamics and consequences of social accountability and inclusion in Macedonia" - Client: World Bank, 2014
Research to identify social, political and economic factors that facilitate or preclude citizen participation in Macedonia's public life. Field interviews to verify desk research conclusions. Development of an initial model for a World Bank "social inclusion filter" that the bank can use in future programme design to promote inclusivity based on social accountability criteria.

Nigeria "Hausa-Language Satellite Television for West Africa", 2013-2014
Development, operation and management of a Hausa-language financially sustainable satellite TV channel aimed at youth residing in northern Nigeria which creates positive themes and narratives competing with those of political violence and violent extremism. Development of an associated revenue stream and immature advertising markets. Enhancement of local media capacity and professionalism by sub-awarding to local partners. Echo content delivered initially by satellite television through additional media platforms.

Chad, Niger: "Peace Through Development Program" - USAID, 2012-2013
Working with dozens of different community, commercial and state radio stations to help them design, develop and produce programmes which build community resilience to all kinds of shocks - environmental, economic, social, informational, etc. and enable those communities, as communities, to resist the financial and religious blandishments, and threats of violent extremists.

Liberia, Burundi, South Sudan, South Africa "Mid-Term Evaluation of African Peace building Coordination Programme Phase II" - Client: MFA Finland, 2013
The comprehensive evaluation of the APCP programme Phase II in the programme countries Liberia, South Sudan and Burundi as well as in the HQ in South Africa was based on DAC evaluation criteria and conducted as a genuinely participatory and transparent process. It covered capacity building of mediators and peace builders, mediation on land conflicts, policy frameworks with UN and AU, national and regional platforms for dialogue and on peacebuilding literature and handbooks for capacity building. The evaluation presented recommendations supporting the APCP Programme by strengthening coherence and coordination across the peace, security, humanitarian, development and human rights dimensions in peace building operations in Africa.

Global "Portfolio Review for UNDP's Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery" - Client: UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, 2011-2012
Conduct of portfolio review to assess the effectiveness of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery-supported programmes and its ability to assist UNDP in addressing crisis prevention and recovery challenges. Field visits to DRC, Kenya, Uganda, North Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Georgia and Colombia as well as desk studies of three additional countries in order to assess projects and outline a typology of factors determining project success or failure, identifying strengths and weaknesses in present procedures, design and implementation of projects and programmes. The project also analyses ways of improving organizational structures and procedures between UNDP BCPR in New York, the country offices and regional structures within the field of crisis prevention and recovery.

Pakistan "Tackling Violent Extremism - Co-ordinated Media and Outreach Programme" - Client: DANIDA, 2011-2012
Needs analysis, conceptual development, management, supervision, planning and quality control of a project using media to reduce radicalization and violent extremism in the FATA and KP regions in Pakistan by increasing the awareness of violent extremism and empowering social networks and individuals (especially women) to influence family and peers. The project is based on the concept of the Yeh Hum Naheen (2008-2010) which strengthened social networks in order to counter the development of terrorism and established terrorism as a national issue.

Afghanistan "Projects for Social Change" - Clients: iMedia Associates (UK) and Media Support Partners, Afghanistan, 2011
Consultation on four projects for social change: (a) Straight Talk, youth radio. Training of producers and reporters on ‘intended outcomes' program design and multi-part program planning. (b) Helmand Radio Drama, radio soap opera for audiences in this specific war-torn Afghan province; design of formative research plan, production process, and training of project manager in intended outcomes methodology; (c) Mahaal News Service - online production and distribution of daily features on current affairs in Pashto language: Training of reporters in conflict-sensitive approaches to journalism; (d) Talking Books - combination of audio books and educational radio programs: evaluation of educational programs proposed by radio stations across Afghanistan.

Global "Evaluation of "People-to-People" Peacebuilding Projects" - Client: USAID and CMM, 2011
Evaluation of  projects and their theoretical and applied aspects. Comparison of the academic (theoretical) expectations of conflict resolution experts against the experiences of practitioners in the field to suggest best practices and issues that need consideration as the field continues to develop.

Afghanistan "The Media in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding - Client: US Institute of Peace, 2010 
Formative assessment report on the media in Afghanistan examining the concepts of "security" and "transition" from an Afghan point of view and recommendations on specific media interventions addressing security vulnerabilities identified by Afghans. This assessment is the point of reference of the USIP methodology paper, "Intended Outcome Needs Assessment" (IONA), providing a new approach to the design and application of a formative media assessment procedure.

Civil Society

Mali "Identification of Denmark's support to peaceful coexistence and reconciliation" - Client: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DANIDA 2016
Contribution to the finalization of Concept Note including identification, conceptualisation and recommendations of the specific thematic programme objective for Denmark's support to Mali's Peaceful Coexistence and Reconciliation and the associated programme framework based on a Human Rights Based Approach.

Pakistan "Anti-illegal migration communications campaign" - Client: British Foreign Office/ British High Commission Islamabad, 2013
Multimedia strategic communication campaign focusing on preventing illegal migration/people trafficking. Production of documentary for transmission on Pakistan Television plus DVDs, linking to the film on YouTube, PR activities and the production and transmission of radio programming and a programme of outreach activities in colleges and universities. Monitoring and evaluation mechanism developed including focus groups and on going research. The project is the first phase of a greater anti illegal immigration communication strategy.

Myanmar "Evaluation of the effectiveness of two trainings: Conflict-Sensitive Reporting and "Training of Trainers." Client: Internews, 2013
Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of trainings and making preliminary recommendations concerning the training of new skills to be implemented in work procedures.

Jordan "Revision and Update of the Media Component of the 2012 Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media in Jordan" - Client: EU Delegation Jordan, 2013
Revision of the media component of the existing draft Financing Agreement for the "Support to CSOs and Media" Programme and reassessment of media's needs in terms of training and institutional and administrative capacity building. Extensive consultations involving key stakeholders and other funding facilities

Jordan "Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media" - Client: EU Delegation Jordan, 2011.
Identification and formulation of the 2012 Programme on Support to Democratisation, Civil Society and Media in Jordan. Analysis of the institutional and administrative needs of civil society in Jordan and the needs for capacity building of journalists and authorities to improve media quality and media freedom and decrease in journalists' self-censorship. Preparation of a dialogue with all local stakeholders and a 2-year media and civil society programme of 10 million Euros for the EU Delegation, including all formal documents.




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