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Who we are

Who we are

Director Bent Nørby Bonde

Bent Noerby Bonde

Bent (Danish) is a highly experienced manager with more than 25 years executive management experience in private, public, semi-public and non-profit media and international organizations. He has worked in more than 50 transitional and developing countries around the world on programs aimed at preventing conflicts, building peace, and using media to facilitate dialogue between civil society, regulatory bodies and politicians. His expertise covers:

His PhD dissertation in Communications, Media and Journalism focuses on the use of media and communication in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Experts - Media in Peace, Democracy and Development

Partner Eran Fraenkel

Eran Fraenkel

Eran (American/German) is a PhD who for 16 years was a director of international NGOs in Macedonia, South East Europe, and Indonesia. His expertise includes:

Partner Waseem Mahmood

Waseem Mahmood

Waseem (British) has more than 25 years experience from media, international NGOs and private companies as producer, manager and consultant. He has been awarded the OBE (the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for services to the reconstruction of media in post-war countries. His expertise includes:

  • Development and implementation of Public Diplomacy communications projects addressing radicalization. Experience from multimedia cross dimensional de-radicalization projects in Pakistan;
  • Development, assessment and implementation of post conflict media initiatives involving political authorities, public and private media as well as civil society organisations. Experience from Afghanistan, South Asia, the Middle East, and South East Europe;
  • Media development and communication strategies including identification of needs, strategy development, liaising with civil society, Governments and donors. Experience from Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, South East Europe, and the Baltics;
  • Strategic communication addressing issues of poverty reduction, gender equality, human rights, minority rights, child rights and issues of good governance, democratization and electoral reform. Experience from the Baltics, South East Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Partner Senad Kamenica

Senad Kamenica

Senad (Bosnia-i-Herzegovina) holds an M.A. in Post-War Recovery Studies and has comprehensive experience in working with media in post-war recovery and peacebuilding contexts. A former Media and Political Advisor to the Commander of EU Force in Bosnia, Senad is now Senior Media Advisor at the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. His expertise includes:

Partner Francis Rolt

Francis Rolt

Francis (MA) (British) has worked in radio for 20 years and has for the past 10 years at the forefront of practice and thinking on the use of radio as a peace- building tool. He was director of radio for Search for Common Ground, and now runs his own company. His expertise includes:

Partner Francis Sowa

Francis Sowa

Francis (Sierra Leone) has experience in media production, management and media regulation. He was regional coordinator of a network of community radios focusing on elections and governance related issues and manager of the university teaching radio. He has over ten years experience as producer, editor, reporter and presenter with influential media in Sierra Leone. His expertise includes: 

With a MA and M.Phil in Mass Communication Francis is seeking an opportunity to become a Ph.D. candidate.

Partner Cees van Zweeden

Cees Van Zweeden

Cees (Dutch) is a Legal Correspondent and Media Law Consultant. Since 1990 he has been based in London, Paris, Budapest, The Hague, Pristina and (again) Paris respectively before moving to Luxembourg. He was a Chief Foreign Editor and Foreign Correspondent, but started to divert into media development in 2005. Today, his focus is media law. He holds an LL.M in intellectual property law.

His expertise includes:

  • Media legislation. Experience from co-drafting laws on defamation, public service broadcasting and broadcast regulation in Kosovo; from drafting a legal opinion on media privatization in Ukraine; and from providing legal expertise in BiH and Morocco. Clients: the Council of Europe and the OSCE.
  • Media production. Two decades of experience as a Foreign Correspondent and a Chief Foreign Editor. Clients: large news organisations.
  • Project management. Experience as Head of the Media Section at the OSCE and as Team Leader of two EU-funded media projects.
  • Media training. Organised and executed comprehensive journalism and public relations training.
  • Media development strategy. Designed media development strategy for the OSCE for the post-2009 years.
  • Conflict countries. Worked during periods of instability in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Macedonia and Northern Ireland.

Experts - Strategic Communication and Public Relations

Partner Samra Luckin

Samra Luckin

Samra (Bosnia-i-Herzegovina) has diplomas in PR and media management in addition to a 25-year career spanning project management, team coordination, supervision and coordination of teams, PR, media, communications, journalism, and advertising in non-EU member countries. Her expertise includes more than 15 years of professional experience in:

Samra is currently handling a number of PR portfolios for international and local clients and has collaborated with political parties, governments, international organisations and NGOs.

Partner Glenn O’Neil

Glenn O’Neil

Glenn (Swiss/Australian) is a senior evaluation methodology expert and frequent blogger. His reviews and evaluations of media, humanitarian aid, government and civil society projects in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and Europe focus particularly on the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the projects’ communications, advocacy and capacity-building dimensions. His expertise includes:

Glenn is a Ph.D candidate in evaluation methodology with an MA in communications management.

Partner Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

Niels Jørgen (Danish) has an MA in political science and a long career as the director of communications in the EU Commission. He is the Vice President of the "Club of Venice" (an informal club of directors of communication in EU member states and candidate countries), member of the Chinese-European "Hanwang Forum" on sustainable development, and President of "Europeans throughout the World". He has been involved in numerous successful initiatives such as Europe by Satellite and Euronews aiming to increase EU citizens' knowledge of EU affairs including its politics and processes. His fields of expertise are:


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