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Regional and Multiannual Programmes

Regional and Multiannual Programmes


Media Progress and several of its partners have worked extensively with regional media programmes and projects. There are numerous reasons for using a regional approach in order to support peacebuilding, prevent conflicts or to strengthen democracy.

When helping to build editorially independent media and ensuring that the legislative and regulatory conditions are conducive to media freedom it is an advantage when the individual governments see these challenges as common for other governments as well. They are not the only ones that can make improvements and can learn from best practices in the region.

When helping to build peace or prevent conflicts across countries or between different groups within a country the regional approach allows media representatives from countries hostile to each other to meet with colleagues from other neutral countries in regional trainings, workshops or programme collaboration. Bringing media representatives from countries with internal conflicts into a regional forum allows them to collaborate more independently from their national contexts and adhering to professional standards across the conflict boundaries.

Mass media reaches large and broad population groups and influence people’s opinions, attitudes and even behaviours. Consequently, media content produced across conflict boundaries may contribute to building mutual understanding among people and demands for peace. In a region torn by conflicts, cross-border and balanced media content that is broadcast in all countries demonstrates that people on all sides of a conflict are human beings with similar challenges and values rather than villains as often depicted by the leadership and national media. Balanced programmes and news that are co-produced or exchanged across a region can help build mutual understanding among the peoples in the region.

Regional media collaboration allows broadcasters to jointly produce expensive programme formats like drama series or documentaries that seek to tackle common problems or challenges.

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