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Selected projects

Media Progress consultants have been involved in numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work on using communication strategies for development, democratic transition, and conflict prevention.

Kosovo "Support to Kosovo Agency of Statistics in Finalizing the Communication and Outreach Strategy for Population, Households and Housing Census, 2021" - Client: UNFRA, 2021
Technical assistance to the statistical office in Kosovo to finalise the communication and outreach strategy for the Population, Households and Housing Census 2021. To answer the need for information, correct misperceptions, and facilitate the active involvement of all population groups and minorities in the census a comprehensive outreach and communication strategy was developed in collaboration with the Statistical Office and a training programme wasplanned.

Albania, Bosnia-i-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey "Development of long-term communication and outreach strategies and short-term information campaigns" - Client: Eurostat, 2019
Technical assistance to prepare a communication and outreach strategy for the census in pre-accession countries in order to ensure fair and successful census operations with full participation and support from the population. Based on fact-based and comprehensive analysis of the challenges and needs of the targeted population groups the statistical offices are assisted to outline and develop communication and outreach strategies and action plans to reach the prioritised target groups. Establishment of organisational framework for the communication and outreach activities ahead of the census and outline of updatable action plan covering the census period.

Global "When and how media and communication succeed" - Client: Dfid, 2018
Synthesis evaluation of BBC Media Action's best concrete approaches and strategic advantages of using media and communication to reinforce societal progress in 14 countries and covering three sectors - Governance, Health, and Resilience - in connection with its five-year Global Grant programme. The key strategies and practices may serve as the foundation for the design and implementation of future communication and media programmes in development, specifically in the Governance, Health and Resilience sectors.

Palestine "Assessments and recommendations for the Palestinian Central Bureau for Statistics" Client: PCBS, 2017-2018
Technical assistance to the Palestinian Central Bureau for Statistics concerning its communication and outreach to underpin its dissemination of the census and other data. The assistance included an initial assessment of the image of PCBS, its overall communication approach and recommendations for future communication. It also included outline of a communication strategy, its specific objectives, target groups, use of communication platforms, slogans, and messages, which would increase the citizens' and authorities' use of the census and other statistical data to improve planning, political and personal decisions.

Georgia "Assistance on Communication to the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on Reconciliation and Civic Equality" - Client: EU Delegation to Georgia, 2015
Analysis of the dynamics and processes in relation to Georgia's conflicts and EU integration and the needs, target groups and strategies for communication towards all parts of Georgia, including relevant target groups in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and international stakeholders. Capacity building of the SMR and implementation of communication strategy and communication plan, including milestones, methodology and recommendations on budget allocations. 

Papua New Guinea "Communications on independence referendum in Bougainville" - Client: UNDP, 2014
Consultancy on media's role in peacebuilding and assistance to the Autonomous Government of Bougainville in planning its communication of the run-up to independence referendum to take place between 2015 - 2020.

Global, EU, Bangladesh and Burkina Faso "Evaluations and reviews of campaigns and advocacy"  
Managed evaluations and reviews of ex-smokers campaign (2015), advocacy campaign on housing, land and property (2014), AIDSInfo project (2014), GROW campaign (2013), IRIN News Service (2014), and the advocacy of Médecins Sans Frontières (2015-6) for EC, Norwegian Refugee Council, UNAIDS, OXFAM and UN OCHA respectively.

Palestine "Evaluation on ECHO's Positioning on Advocacy and Communication" - Client: EU ECHO, 2013
Evaluation and structured analysis on the positioning of ECHO's advocacy and communication in Palestine, its intervention strategy, EU-declarations and advocacy activities from international humanitarian actors in areas where International Humanitarian Law is violated. A risk and impact analysis focusing on ECHO's advocacy options, a tailored advocacy strategy and and a 2-year plan for its implementation in Palestine.

Bosnia and Herzegovina "International Monitoring Operation (IMO) of the Population and Housing Census" - Client: Eurostat, 2012-2015
Monitoring of the preparation and implementation of a 2013 census including its communication and outreach activities. Particular focus on its technical professionalism and how the responsible institutions avoid that the census is abused to strengthen ethnical division.

United Kingdom - Client: Media for Development, 2012 
Management, production and editing of 6 audio dramas designed to help older prisoners re-habilitate on release. Organisation and hosting focus groups of target audience.

Madagascar "Radio Workshop for the Prevention of Violence against, and the Protection of Children" - Client: UNICEF, 2011
Consultancy and media workshop on behavior change vis a vis child rights and protection of children from violence in Madagascar.

Pacific Region "Sector & Thematic Observatory" - Client: EU, 2011
Production, editing and validation of online articles and blogs delivered by the Pacific stakeholders. Moderation of the Pacific Region e-platform. Training and motivation of intermediary organizations and Pacific Region Economic Communities to improve the capacity by enhancing their knowledge and understanding of global ACP private sector development.

Global "Evaluation of Visibility of EU External Action" - Client: EC Commission, 2010-2011
Evaluation of the visibility of EU External Action in order to clarify the definition of visibility and if necessary elaborate a typology of different aspects of visibility, address the rationale and the aims of visibility. The project also aimed to find out ''if'', ''how'' and ''when'' visibility works in specific thematic areas covered by support through DG RELEX, DEV and AIDCO and to understand how visibility may be determined by a type of aid modality, and type of activity. The evaluation provided lessons learnt and recommendations especially concerning visibility and public diplomacy of EU external action as a factor for democratic accountability, visibility as a factor for increased coordination within the EU as well as in the donor community and visibility as a factor for increased coherence within the EU.

Macedonia (FYROM) "Peer Assessment of the Population and Housing Census" - Client: Eurostat EC, 2010-2011
Review of the communications and outreach strategies prepared by the State Statistical Office of FYROM prior to the 2011 population census and interviews with stakeholders culminating in recommendations to ensure high census participation.

Indonesia "Access to Justice" - Client: EU and British Council, 2007-2008
Design and production of radio-based public awareness media campaign to increase access to justice for women and youth in 5 provinces of Indonesia providing listeners with specific information on their rights pertaining to land tenure, family violence, early marriage, and divorce; as well as instructions to receive free legal assistance from governmental and private institutions.








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