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Iron Bottom Sound, Solomon Islands
Iron Bottom Sound, Solomon Islands

September 2013:
Media Progress subsidiary, African Communication, partners with Equal Access in the development, operation and management of a 24/7 Hausa-language satellite TV channel aimed at youth residing in northern Nigeria. The satellite TV channel aims to create positive themes and narratives competing with those of political violence and violent extremism. It will also enhance local media capacity and professionalism by sub-awarding to local partners. Content delivered initially by satellite television will be echoed through additional media platforms.

June 2013:
Media Progress has won the tender Mid-Term Evaluation of African Peace building Coordination Programme Phase II (MFA Finland). The evaluation will evaluate the Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact, Sustainability and cross-cutting gender and human rights aspects of the project. The project aims to enhance local ownership and capacity for peacebuilding processes, support national, regional and international policy frameworks and create a platform for dialogue and identification of best practices and knowledge.

April 2013:
Media Progress welcomes its new co-owners and partners:
- Glenn O'Neill
- Samra Lučkin
- Waseem Mahmood
- Ingeline Bonde
- Zara Mahamat Yacoub
- Senad Kamenica
- Niels Jørgen Thøgersen