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About Us

About Us

Carthage, Tunisia
Carthage, Tunisie

Media Progress Aps. works with media, communication and civil society to create dialogue and encourage participation in political and social processes of peace, democracy and social development.

Media Progress develops policies, strategies and concepts for independent media, media networks, and strategic communication. It monitors media effectiveness, provides strategic advice, supervises and evaluates media and communication projects.

Media Progress Aps., established in 2003, draws on the experience from Baltic Media Centre Fund and collaborates with international organisations, development agencies and foreign ministries, NGOs, media and professional organisations. In 2009 Media Progress engaged with partners to establish a subsidiary, African-Communication SARL based in Tunisia, in order to contribute to the geographical scope and professional competencies of the mother company, subsequently transformed into a Danish limited company (Aps.). In 2014 the two companies established a joint branch in Brussels to increase their visibility to donors and partners.

Media Progress supports the FIDIC concepts of business integrity and code of conduct.